TOOLBOX: Macintosh(+PC), After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Red Giant plugins, Element 3D, Lottie, C4D, Maya, Resolume Avenue, Projector, Procreate-iPad Pro, SLR-Darkroom Equipment, Sony a7S iii, Aperture lights, DJI Ronin gimbal, Canon 7D, iPhone 11, Sony NEX3, DJI Osmo gimbal, Mechanical Pencil, Micron Pens, Charcoal, Prismacolor Blending Markers, Spray Paint, Paint brushes, Rollers, Paint markers, Automatic-Manual Screen-printing presses, Social Media, WordPress, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Grinder, Sawzall, Power-tools, Throwing-knives, Snowboard, Skateboard, Bicycle, Jet Ski, Snowmobiles, Kubota digger, Tractors, Hydraulic trailers, Forklifts, Alto-Saxophone, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Organ, etc…

Affluent in many industry standards and practices. Over 15 years of experience.
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Currently working out of Detroit, Michigan.