My name is Joshua Alphonse Gaudette. I was born in Canada and moved to the U.S. when I was 3 years old. I currently live in Hamtramck, MI where I freelance Motion Graphics & Design professionally as well create Art out of my home studio. Hamtramck is a uniquely diverse town with a historical reputation of being the headquarters of Prohibition era booze running and debauchery. The flat I rent was once a boarding house for those in search of new beginnings; established in the early 1900′s. Needless to say, haunted with history.

Eye create art out of compulsion, appreciation, chaos, documentation, and mad science.

I hold my trade as a Motion Graphics Designer(8+) to the highest standards of professionalism for I am offering a service. My art exists free from exterior expectations as a balance to my works of Motion Graphics Design. I believe that art is a sacred process of the soul and that this soft center should always be protected by love and acceptance of one’s thought universe. Catharsis is crucial, necessary, and transformative.

I remember reading an ingredient list from when I was researching witch trials… A potion to grant one the gift of flight, to be rubbed in the eyes, a real noxious brew I recall. I view my process in this way. A living equation of experiences and perspectives organized intuitively under spiritually synchronistic momentum. A delicious slash & burn.

Contact me either by e-mail:, my Facebook, or follow my Instagram @tigerpatterns. I’m always down for collaborations and especially down to travel for new experience and opportunity.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,
Joshua A. Gaudette